Internal workshop at QiTASC in May 2022

The first workshop for almost three years was a very exciting and emotional event for all of us, because this year we are celebrating QiTASC’s 10th anniversary.

The organisation of the event was extremely nerve-wracking, as many rules had to be observed and it was impossible to predict whether it could take place or not. Fortunately, our back office team in Vienna did a great job and organised everything perfectly so the event went off without a hitch.

A lively exchange of memories and going through old photos for the anniversary photo album had already been an enjoyable experience for the “old” colleagues in the run-up to the meeting. Nevertheless, many of us took part in this workshop with mixed feelings since holding or attending such large gatherings had been forbidden for such a long time.

In the end, however, we were all very happy that the event could take place.

At this point we would like to thank the management, who initiated the workshop for the employees and thus made it possible for the new colleagues to meet the “old hands” in person that they talk or chat with every day!

On the first day, everyone was brought up-to-date on the latest achievements in software and hardware development as well as on strategic decisions for the company. The workshop timetable was presented and the team elaborated the topics during the following days.

On the last day, all the topics the colleagues had worked on were presented so that we could all benefit from them – even those who didn’t understand anything 😉

Never underestimate the importance of socialising

An important side aspect of the workshop was the exchange of information and/or memories and personal conversations among the participants. This time together brought us a lot closer as a team, as internal changes, including the global lockdown caused by Covid-19, had made great demands on all of us.

The joint trip around the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace, with the visit to the zoo and the subsequent dinner on Thursday, was a welcome change from the busy schedule of the days before.

Still, there was time for several sightseeing tours in the evenings with the colleagues who were in Vienna for the first time. Sampling Austrian cuisine was a must! We spent a good time with our colleagues having Palatschinken (pancakes), Wiener schnitzel, ice cream etc.

The next generation of the QiTASC team was also very enthusiastic and really kept the team on their toes!

Summing up, we can simply say that the meeting was a great success! We are already looking forward to the next workshops!


  • Socialising events at QiTASC take place on a regular basis to strengthen the bond in the team.
  • At internal workshops, the latest features, hardware and strategic decisions are presented.

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