Trace comparison

cheQ is a trace comparison tool allowing intelligent comparison of pcap traces. The comparison can be customised using groupings or name mappings and can include/exclude critera which are easily edited in the tool.

cheQ comparison

When comparing with cheQ, packet data is shown non-hierarchically. This allows you to see matches at a glance and to include or exclude any fields from comparison with a click.
Field values (such as IP addresses) will often vary across traces, especially when traces are captured on different hardware or in clustered systems. The powerful name mappings system allows you to map field values to names. Although two fields may be different, cheQ can tell that they refer to the same entity and therefore match.

cheQ comparison between packets

When using cheQ with conQlude, new traces can be compared automatically. This allows you to:

  • Repeatedly and automatically compare new traces with the expected trace
  • Keep a record of previous comparisons
  • Discover regressions or changes immediately as part of a continuous integration flow

Tutorial videos

Want to know more about cheQ? Follow step-by-step tutorial below. Check our further tutorial videos about our test automation framework at YouTube.

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Compare PCAP traces with cheQ

Jamie from our Development team here at QiTASC introduces the software cheQ. It is a web-based tool which lets you compare PCAP traces. How can you benefit from it? It allows you to see how changes in your infrastructure have an effect on what is being sent over the wire.

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