Automated testing tools for your MVNO

Using an existing network infrastructure allows a MVNO to enter the market easily. The main challenges lie in marketing their brand, running a customer care centre and assuring the MVO’s network capacities as agreed in the SLAs.

How QiTASC can help

MVNO companies are part of the telecom industry. Its challenges go hand in hand with their dependence on the MVO’s network capacities, the quality of their customer care centres and the functional quality of their product.

The QiTASC framework is globally in use. Over the last 10 years, we have collected a lot of technology and system experience of all major telecommunication suppliers. Regardless if the use cases are protocol related, and/or charging related, and/or service related – our solution equips MVNOs to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver superior services to their customers.

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Use cases for MVNOs

MVNOs very much relay on the HNO´s telecommunications network and the capacities agreed on in the SLA. Apart from checking those agreements by the end-to-end automation framework intaQt®, it also addresses important use cases relevant for the MVNO service.

Telecom use case of test automation company QiTASC

List of use cases:

Service Provisioning

Billing and Charging

Customer Support

Roaming Services

Value-Added Services

SLA Management

Our offer

All you need for end-to-end test automation: software, hardware, testing and AI service. All automated!

E2E test automation software from QiTASC

E2E test automation software

The software-based automation framework includes features such as test case management, provisioning and protocol conformity,  test execution automation, automated evidence verification,  including automated CDR/EDR verification, and result reporting to streamline testing processes and improve efficiency.

Software   Testing service

AI service

The QiTASC AI service consists of a standardized process which integrates AI to any system. This can be used i.e. for introducing, training and testing of your individual AI-chatbot. For MVNOs, AI will upscale call centre quality as well as customer satisfaction.

AI service

Portable E2E-testing lab in a suitcase

Our suitcase comes with connected devices and pre-installed intaQt® software. You only need LAN and to plug in your suitcase and run your tests to collect and analyze any relevant data about your network performance.

Portable lab suitcase

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Portable testing lab for test automation

Carry your test automation lab with you and execute your test cases wherever they are needed. Watch Can Davutoglu introducing the portable lab for telecommunication tests; also available in German.

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Telecom suitcase in action

Watch the portable testing lab for telecom tests in action.


Efficient and reliable!

Zero touch automation

Once automated, no actions relating to a device, SIM cards, etc. need manual interaction.

Project duration -50%

Automation of test cases and processes results in tests that run up to 50% faster.

Faster defect resolution

For faster correction and greater efficiency, we automatically collect, correlate and validate all data arising during the process.

Remote testing capabilities

Control devices and tools in the lab from home with remote control, remote audio support and remote manual interaction.

Easy test case development

The automation language is based on English and is learnable within 2-3 days. Test case scripts are used as a means of communication.

Smart scheduling

Test cases are scheduled according to the available resources.

Lab & live framework

The same test automation framework is used for factory acceptance, lab integration, lab acceptance, field acceptance and live monitoring.

Minimised maintenance

Various abstraction layers are integrated in our framework. Changes should not have any impact on the scripted test cases.

Depth testing and verification

Everything can be verified by rules: several interacting protocols, protocol logic, headers, values, correlating data, etc.

Proven technology

We eliminated disadvantages to create a unique tool for complex, challenging projects & environments.

Whole test pipe

We prepare all prerequisites, provision service, subscriber, devices, conduct tests, collect all evidence, verify evidence by rules, and do reporting.

Verified software quality

For aesthetic code, we continuously verify our code quality with TIOBEs metrics.

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