Reporting and issue tracking

conQlude is a centrally accessible, secure web interface portal that collects, manages and exports intaQt® test case run data and also includes automated bug and error tracking. conQlude makes test data including reports, logs, media attachments and metadata available to all project users. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets as well as manually collecting test information and reformatting it for recognition by additional databases and services.

Platform and browser support

conQlude is fully compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. Currently it is supported by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, with support for other browsers coming soon.

Features for testers and project members

Access test reports from your entire team in a centralised location, track bugs and take a closer look at multimedia attachments, metadata and logs.

  • Review & verify
  • Attachments
  • Bug and issue tracking
  • Charts
  • Data export

Review & verify

Test Run Reports feature lets users view and review a project’s test reports and their metadata. Because conQlude collects test results and artefacts from all members of a team, users can access reports and data from the tests they executed as well as those of their team-mates.


Download or preview test attachments including media, text, XML, logs and step-specific metadata. conQlude even lets users listen to audio recordings, view screenshots and access metadata in its original format.

Bug and issue tracking

conQlude automatically categorises failed test cases in the appropriate error categories for that project. Testers can assign defect codes within conQlude, which can be synchronised with external issue tracking systems such as ALM/Quality Center or Jira.


View visualisations of test data for a quick overview of your project’s progress. Charts provide details of the daily test run history, pass and fail rates and defect incidence.

Data export

Export to XLSX or CSV and specify which fields should be included.

Features for test managers and project managers

Test managers have access to all conQlude features available to test engineers as well as

  • Configure Test Categories
  • Approval Workflow
  • Error Category Configuration

Configure test categories

conQlude automatically recognises test categories using tags from intaQt® feature files. Categories can also be changed or added within conQlude. These configurations can also be mapped to projects and configurations in external issue-tracking and test management systems.

Approval workflow

When Approval Workflow is activated, test run reports can be verified by test managers and approved for upload to external test management systems and project management systems. This feature streamlines the approval workflow and greatly reduces the risk of human error that arises from spreadsheets and other manual ways of tracking projects.

Error category configuration

Manage error categories, including assigning errors to previously run test cases. After configuring error categories, testers and other project members can also manually assign defects to reports when necessary.

Features for administrators/IT

Administrators have access to all conQlude features available to test engineers as well as

  • Administer Project Settings
  • External Integration Configurations

Administer project settings

Enable or disable integration with external applications, specify timeouts and enable or disable verification/approval processes. Add and remove users, assign them to projects and manage their permissions.

External integration configurations

Integrate conQlude into test management systems and issue-tracking systems such as Jira and HP-ALM/HPQC.

Post analysis

conQlude enables post analysis of test run artefacts through seamless integration with other Qitasc products. For example the pcap trace file artefacts can be automatically sent to cheQ for verification and the results are collected and represented in conQlude following analysis.

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List of other software tools


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Reporting and issue tracking


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