Command-line interface of the test automation framework

intaQt client® is a command-line tool that provides a customisable way to execute test cases, either alone or as part of a continuous integration framework. Maximise your project’s level of automation by executing entire intaQt® test projects in a continuous integration environment as part of a build.

Cross-platform command-line functionality

intaQt® client is fully compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. All the features and parameters listed below can be run from standard command-line interfaces:

  • Test case & execution criteria
  • Network settings
  • Flexible configurations
  • Continuous integration

Test case & execution criteria

intaQt client® provides parameters for test case selection and execution including:

  • Tags for filtering test cases
  • Number of retries for failing test cases
  • Delays between each test case execution

Network settings

Specify where test projects are hosted and execute tests remotely.

  • Host name on which the project should be executed
  • Port number

Flexible configurations

intaQt client® enables configuration of all of the following to ensure entire workflows are handled automatically:

  • Project configuration files, which take precedence over default configurations
  • XML report directories
  • Automatically create summary report files after test executions
  • Synchronise and upload local project changes to the server before execution

Continuous integration

Configure test projects in Jenkins or TeamCity to run as a build.

Tutorial: Combining continuous integration (Jenkins) with intaQt client®

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