Software for end-to-end test automation

Our test automation software intaQt® is tailored to the needs of experienced engineering and testing professionals. It offers a set of tools for all kinds of test cases and covers remote test & control capabilities, automated evidence collection, automated verification and reporting.

Easy to use

intaQt® features a human-readable, natural English scripting language that can be understood by all project stakeholders and allows modification, reuse and maintenance of test cases without the need for programming skills. Tailored features are built in and ready to use.

Speed of execution

Our tools allow horizontal scaling of automated scheduling, sequencing and parallel executions with full control of test resources. Test results and all evidence obtained are linked to the test report which can automatically be uploaded to existing life cycle or test management tools.

Efficient maintenance

Various abstraction layers of the intaQt® server ensure that very large test case libraries can be maintained and adapted with minimum effort to the rapid changes of environment and tested systems.

Technical requirements

The minimum technical requirements for running our test automation software are typical developer PCs with the operating systems Windows, Linux or macOS. If these technical requirements are not met or resources are unavailable, our customers can purchase testing as a service. In such cases we offer to take over project management and the testing process for your project.

Table of contents

List of other software tools


Runtime environment for test automation framework

intaQt studio®

Test case development UI

intaQt client®

Command-line interface of the test automation framework

intaQt verification®

Charging verification

intaQt web-ui®

Web-based test case development UI


Trace comparison


Reporting and issue tracking


Evidence collector


CDR search engine


Simulator/message sequence generator.

mimiQ load: load generator


Seamless SIM mapping


User management


Secure event service


Alarm generator

Training for our software

We provide both in-depth training to ensure your team can expertly use the test automation software products of the intaQt® suite as well as feature-specific training focusing on particular technical challenges.

Training service


Comprehensive courses are taught in English by our own experts and are adapted to the specific use cases and requirements of your projects. This option is strongly recommended for new customers who purchase multiple licences for corporate use. After completing QiTASC training sessions, test engineers have knowledge and experience of intaQt® that they can share with their colleagues.

Training service

Feature-specific training

If you need to develop advanced skills for specific intaQt® features or want a quick training session when adding a QiTASC product to your workflow, feature-specific training sessions can be conducted on site or remotely.

Personalised technical support

Our team of experts is available to help answer technical questions about our software or help you troubleshoot errors. Our primary source of technical support is messaging services such as Teams, which ensures that urgent issues are dealt with promptly. We are also available by email, Skype and phone whenever this is more practical.

The story behind our software

Take a journey through the history of the sequential growth of our software tools. Learn why we decided to develop one software at a time.

Obtain a software licence as package

Create the package you need from our portfolio.


Buy an intaQt® licence to run your test cases.


Buy or rent our innovative hardware.

Testing Service

Rent the time and know-how of our testing team.

All in One

All you need for your project.