Full end-to-end testing in the IoT industry

In IoT, many systems use an app on a phone as a graphical user interface. QiTASC provides an end-to-end automation framework which simulates the user’s manual interaction and tests whether any change in the code affects the functionality of the whole IoT system.

How QiTASC can help

The software behind the interaction of IoT systems, such as smart homes, is based on a continuous integration process which constantly adds new features to the code.

QiTASC provides an end-to-end test automation framework to test any devices which can be used as a graphical user interface to communicate with the IoT system. We find any bugs and check whether existing features still work after new ones have been integrated. The combination of our software and IoT lab is capable of producing automated testing scenarios such as the use of a remote app in a smart home environment which checks whether all windows were closed or the car was actually locked. While our framework tests your code, you can concentrate on developing your actual IoT system.

Using the QiTASC approach of automated testing will make your product more reliable, more stable and more attractive to your customers as the word quickly spreads that your product is rock solid.

Use cases for IoT

IoT devices can be automated in such a way that testers do not need to touch anything during the development or execution of test cases. Any interaction performed via the graphical user interface can be tested and verified by our software intaQt®.

IoT use case of test automation company QiTASC

List of use cases:

Functional E2E service testing

Provisioning testing

Load & stress testing

CPE testing

Protocol conformity testing

Non-functional testing

Simulation of device functions

APP testing

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Use Case: IoT

Can Davutoglu explains the use of QiTASC’s test automation software in an IoT project.

Our offer

All you need for end-to-end test automation: software, hardware, testing service and training. The software-based automation framework covers remote device control, API-based provisioning, evidence collection, evidence verification and reporting. All automated!

Remote manual testing

With our remote lab, the test experts can be anywhere in the world, while the devices, the CPE and the tooling remain in the lab. The tester controls all the equipment necessary to run a test case with a mouse via the user interface.

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IoT setup for remote tests

Can Davutoglu introduces the IoT setup of the remote lab.

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IoT suitcase in action

Watch the portable testing lab for IoT tests in action.


Tests are carried out automatically by an efficient and reliable machine.

Zero touch automation

Once automated, no action needs manual interaction.

Project duration -50%

Automation of test cases and processes results in tests that run up to 50% faster.

Faster defect resolution

For faster correction and greater efficiency, we automatically collect, correlate, and validate all data arising during the process.

Remote testing capabilities

Control devices and tools in the lab from home with remote control, remote audio support and remote manual interaction.

Easy test case development

The automation language is based on English and is learnable within 2-3 days. Test case scripts are used as a means of communication.

Smart scheduling

Test cases are scheduled according to the available resources.

Lab & live framework

The same test automation framework is used for factory acceptance, lab integration, lab acceptance, field acceptance and live monitoring.

Minimised maintenance

Various abstraction layers are integrated in our framework. Changes should not have any impact on the scripted test cases.

Depth testing and verification

Everything can be verified by rules: several interacting protocols, protocol logic, headers, values, correlating data, etc.

Proven technology

We eliminated disadvantages to create a unique tool for complex, challenging projects & environments.

Whole test pipe

We prepare all prerequisites, provision service, subscriber, devices, do test action, collect all evidence, verify evidence by rules, and do reporting.

Verified software quality

For aesthetic code, we continuously verify our code quality with TIOBEs metrics.

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