Full end-to-end testing in the finance industry

In finance services, huge amounts of data often need to be handled and evaluated. QiTASC supplies an end-to-end automation framework which provides different instruments to verify, analyse and compare mass data in financial services.

How QiTASC can help

Financial data are clearly structured and harmonised, according to International Financial Reporting Standards such as IFRS-9 or IFRS-15, for example. Ensuring compliance with these standards is complicated and time-consuming.

The QiTASC automation framework provides various methods to check huge amounts of data against existing specifications. These checks may be syntax validation but also data plausibility scans or file comparisons.  We can individually adapt test cases to dedicated requirements.

By creating automatic test cases, large data files can be verified quickly and reliably, which saves a lot of time and resources for other accounting activities.

Use cases for finance and charging

Data structure can be checked automatically against dedicated rules by our software, intaQt®. Once these rules are implemented they can be re-used for different tests and individually enhanced according to specific needs. intaQt® supports testing XML files which enables verification of huge XML data structures (e.g. > 1GB) in just a few minutes.

Telecom use case of test automation company QiTASC

List of use cases:

Syntax checks

Plausibility checks

File comparisons

Integrity checks

Structure validation

Dependency checks

XML file verification

App testing

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Use case: Finance

Can Davutoglu explains the use of QiTASC’s test automation software in a bank project.

Our offer

All you need for end-to-end test automation: software, hardware, testing service and training. The software-based automation framework covers remote device control, API-based provisioning, evidence collection, evidence verification and reporting. All automated!

E2E test automation software from QiTASC

E2E test automation software

We offer a set of software tools for any kind of end-to-end test automation. As support, we offer a manual, tutorial videos and technical support from our team of experts.


Testing service

Outsource the development and execution of your test cases to our team of experts. We also consult customers when planning the integration of test automation in the testing process of their products.

Testing service

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Remote lab for test automation

With our remote lab, the test experts can be anywhere in the world, while the devices, the CPE and the tooling remain in the lab. Control all the equipment necessary to run a test case with a mouse via the user interface.

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Portable testing lab in a suitcase

Carry your test automation lab with you and execute your test cases wherever they are needed. Watch Can Davutoglu introducing the portable lab for telecommunication tests; also available in German.


Efficient and reliable!

Zero touch automation

Once automated, no actions relating to a device, SIM cards, etc. need manual interaction.

Project duration -50%

Automation of test cases and processes results in tests that run up to 50% faster.

Faster defect resolution

For faster correction and greater efficiency, we automatically collect, correlate and validate all data arising during the process.

Remote testing capabilities

Control devices and tools in the lab from home with remote control, remote audio support and remote manual interaction.

Easy test case development

The automation language is based on English and is learnable within 2-3 days. Test case scripts are used as a means of communication.

Smart scheduling

Test cases are scheduled according to the available resources.

Lab & live framework

The same test automation framework is used for factory acceptance, lab integration, lab acceptance, field acceptance and live monitoring.

Minimised maintenance

Various abstraction layers are integrated in our framework. Changes should not have any impact on the scripted test cases.

Depth testing and verification

Everything can be verified by rules: several interacting protocols, protocol logic, headers, values, correlating data, etc.

Proven technology

We eliminated disadvantages to create a unique tool for complex, challenging projects & environments.

Whole test pipe

We prepare all prerequisites, provision service, subscriber, devices, conduct tests, collect all evidence, verify evidence by rules, and do reporting.

Verified software quality

For aesthetic code, we continuously verify our code quality with TIOBEs metrics.

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