We believe in E2E test automation

The end-to-end test automation company in Vienna, Austria

Since it was founded in 2012, QiTASC has been developing an easy-to-understand end-to-end automation tool to both sell and use ourselves. With a second location in Düsseldorf, Germany, and international partners, we are constantly growing and taking development of our products and services further. The founding team and family – Can, Denise and Michael – is still part of the company management. Behind the scenes, we cultivate a family atmosphere and appreciate the loyalty of our experienced team. It is this team that forms the basis of the constant improvement and success not just of our test automation software intaQt but of QiTASC itself.

Founders of QiTASC - E2E test automation company

Left: Can Davutoglu (father, heads marketing/sales), centre: Denise Zehender (daughter, heads testing), right: Michael Zehender (son, heads development).

Our vision

To be the all-in-one test automation company

Founded by software developers, strategists and visionaries, our company follows a clear goal: to provide digital companies with a tool for identifying potential bugs right at the start of a project. We want to offer the customer an all-in-one-tool that combines software, hardware and support in order to achieve a faster result and higher-than-average quality in test automation.

Our mission

A testing process without manual interaction

We give testers a tool that simplifies the process of automated end-to-end testing and at the same time management reports that are easy to read and work with. Dispensing with the need for manual testing, we make imprecise testing, overwhelming amounts of test cases and unreadable results a thing of the past.

We want to live in a world full of high-quality products.

Our strategy

We automate every step of the product development life cycle.

Our strategy reduces the time to market by up to 40%. Apart from automation of every step – from network configuration, operation, verification, to reporting – we change the sequence of project development. When you shift what is usually the final testing phase from the back to the front, requirements can be identified long before the final testing phase is reached. That way, errors can be detected before they occur and decisions can be made accordingly. The results: shorter development times and higher quality.

The life-journey of our software tools

The QiTASC testing team uses the intaQt software solution themselves. That way, our development team knows first-hand which features are needed in order to optimise even our own software package.

Get to know us!

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