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QiTASC offers intaQt software and hardware to help you automate your environment, your processes and your products. We also offer testing services, which means we manage and execute tests for you. Since we use intaQt ourselves, we are our own customers and can offer you the services you need.

Our goal

We aim to replace manual testing entirely with our automated testing solution.

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QiTASC international

Our international QiTASC family consists of experts with diverse academic backgrounds who have been working together for over ten years. Together we create a powerful E2E automation software suite to optimise the quality of your product.

QiTASC provides services throughout Europe. For more details, see our 2021 Annual Report: download.


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See the list of our international customers.


Business partners

QiTASC collaborates with a variety of international partners which resell intaQt for local market projects in sectors including banking, insurance, IT, telecommunications and e-commerce.

Business partnering


Be part of our QiTASC family and join us in our mission to make manual testing a thing of the past.

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Let’s talk about how we can improve the quality of your product development process with a strategic and operative testing tool.

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