Seamless Sim mapping

reloQate is a special background service that integrates the SIM Mapping capabilities that implementa GmbH offers with the QiTASC ecosystem. reloQate enables a SIM card, located in a SIM Array, to be mapped to any device, connected to an intaQt phone service, that is fitted with a SIM Mux.

SIM card management

reloQate identifies suitable phone candidates and executes all the necessary actions to prepare the phone for the test case. With reloQate, the test expert does not need to perform any additional steps to utilize this functionality. The only requirement is the proper phone selection criteria.

Table of contents

List of other software tools


Runtime environment for test automation framework

intaQt studio

Test case development UI

intaQt client

Command-line interface of the test automation framework

intaQt verification

Charging verification

intaQt web-ui

Web-based test case development UI


Trace comparison


Evidence collector


Reporting and issue tracking


Simulator/message sequence generator.

mimiQ load: load generator


CDR search engine


Seamless SIM mapping