Our AI testing agent – QAIA

The AI testing assistant QAIA has full knowledge of our end-to-end automated testing software intaQt®. It was created to improve test automation processes because now each tester has their individual QiTASC specialist to talk to.

What is QAIA?

QAIA is short for “QiTASC AI assistant”. It is the new QiTASC team member you can chat with on Teams. It gives human-like, up-to-date answers with full knowledge of our software, hardware, lab and service.

Your testing team can communicate with QAIA on Teams as if it were an additional member of the QiTASC service centre team. It answers questions and suggests the scripting of individual test cases. Furthermore, it understands the complexity of in telecommunications, IoT and finance and can combine this knowledge with our testing experience.

QAIA intelligence

QAIA works as an intelligent, virtual assistant with a main focus on automated testing. Its intelligence is like a universe, full of snippets of information about automated testing and the challenges of the industries we focus on. With every new feature, QAIA stores new information it can use when communicating with your testing team.

​Problems solved

QAIA handles large amounts of multi-channel data and pre-organizes it. It finds abnormalities in testing outcomes and makes recommendations based on up-to-date information. For the testing team, it works as a QiTASC service member, answering immediately and in the user’s first language.


With QAIA, the speed and results of your testing team will improve the quality of your product and services. The state-of-the-art AI assistant increases the security, performance and turnover of your company.

What you get

Specialities of QAIA

Testing & management


Testers can ask QAIA any question about intaQt® and are guided through the testing process with intaQt®. Apart from the testing team, management also uses QAIA as a virtual assistant. In the lab, QAIA is a smart bot, performing some basic actions.

QAIA comes along with a valid intaQt® licence. It can control and generate test cases which can be used by testers as a basis.

Management & verification


QAIA can read and analyse documents. It performs 3GPP document analysis and comparisons with vendor documentation.

QAIA intelligently routes customer care requests from multiple customer platforms like emails, forms, text messages, mail and voice calls to agents. This results in faster response times and enhanced customer satisfaction. For document verification, QAIA can identify content and reply to customers even while handling large amounts of written documentation. It categorizes content quickly and provides automated responses.

Verification, security, optimization

Technical analysis

Our AI assistant carries out technical analysis such as traces, CDRs etc. Apart from verification, it enables swift identification of suspicious activities and safeguards customers and profits. It can proactively detect and address fraud. This ensures network integrity, customer trust and minimizes financial losses caused by fraudulent activities. Furthermore, it makes appropriate suggestions for business optimization by analysing financial data.

Use case: Mobile operator

QAIA optimizes testing and data-driven processes

The testing team of a telecom operator uses the software intaQt® to do its testing. The team is supported by the AI assistant QAIA. In the background, QAIA optimizes customer-related processes and management processes, and analyses multiple data.

1. Purchase intaQt® licence

An intaQt® licence not only entitles the holder to use our QiTASC lab for remote testing, but also to support from QAIA. As long as you have a valid licence, your team has access to QAIA.

2. Testing, management, customers

Your testing team chats with QAIA on Teams. They can ask any questions relating to intaQt®, from test case generation to fraud detection. Management can benefit from the analytical skills that come along with AI.

3. Develop and train QAIA

At QiTASC, work on the AI assistant never ceases so that it is always up-to-date. The intaQt® developers constantly train QAIA with the newest software features. At the same time, the testing team uses QAIA themselves while developing test cases in intaQt®. Any ideas for improving work with QAIA in practice can be passed on to the AI team immediately.

Benefits of QAIA

intaQt test automation with QAIA

State-of-the-art service at low cost

With a valid intaQt® licence, your team can use the QiTASC AI assistant. Further development and training is provided by the QiTASC team of experts.

Up-to-date development

The QiTASC team of experts works with QAIA themselves. That way, they can feed and train the AI model o the needs of testers in the background.

Predictive maintenance

Analyse data and historical maintenance records in order to predict equipment failures.

Testing assistant

QAIA supports your testing team when they work with intaQt® by guiding them through the test case generation process. Each team member has their intelligent chatbot that provides fast and straightforward help.

Test case generation

By feeding QAIA key data for a planned test case, QAIA can independently generate test cases for automated regression testing.

Lab monitoring

QAIA verifies automated test runs in real time, detects anomalies and defects.

Dealing with large content volumes

QAIA can handle a large amount of written content. This boosts productivity and accuracy. QAIA works quickly, which leads to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Pre-sorting of requests

QAIA handles multiple customer channels, sends documents and streamlines operations.

Defect resolution

If any defect occurs, QAIA is able to detect faults and suggest solutions.

Higher security

AI-powered fraud detection enables swift identification of suspicious activities and safeguards customers and profits. Furthermore, it monitors network traffic in real time to detect anomalies and potential security threats. Advanced algorithms can proactively detect and address fraud, ensuring network integrity, customer trust, and minimizing financial losses caused by fraudulent activities.

Virtual network assistant

QAIA also works as a virtual assistant, as it understands and supports service activation, plan selection and account management.

Financial optimization

QAIA analyses billing data, identifies discrepancies and detects revenue leakage.

Multiple language enquiries

Questions can come in any language. QAIA answers in the language used by the asker.

Document dispatching

QAIA improves efficiency and streamlines operations when dealing with multiple customer channels. It intelligently routes requests from platforms like emails, forms, text messages, mail and voice calls to agents, resulting in faster response times.

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