Business partners of QiTASC

We are aware that affordable sales and marketing requires partnerships for effectively tapping growth potentials. We count on our international partners and support them when they open up new markets and business areas.

Be our partner for sales

We hope to benefit from cooperation with international partners. To this end, QiTASC is looking for partnerships and marketing alliances. We analyse future prospects and the environment, plan a smart automation environment, provide demonstrations, plan and handle proof of concept and support our partners in all legal and procedural activities when it comes to RFQs and RFPs.

Our ideal partner

Ideal cooperation partners for QiTASC are leading providers of management and IT consulting, digital transformation companies and companies offering technology and engineering services.

What you get

We provide hardware and automation tools that can be tailored to any customer environment and any kind of device. The QiTASC automation framework also supports remote handling of devices, visualisation of lab environments and provisioning of customer management systems during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The right business model for every customer

The strategy of business partnering is based on the principle that you win more competitions as a team. As our official QiTASC business partner, you find new customers and create their individual packages from our portfolio. Find out which of the following business models suits your future customers best.

Model A: Basic

The customer wants to develop its own automation framework and buys an intaQt® licence. QiTASC provides a working code base, training and support for the customer’s in-house testing team.

Model B: Full service

The customer lacks the necessary resources for in-house test automation and asks for support. QiTASC works as an external testing agency, offers a managed service, develops the test cases and executes the tests for the customer.

Model C: Independent testing

The customer wants to develop its own automation framework. QiTASC provides a working code base and supports the customer’s testing team with training and knowledge.

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