Remote testing for your systems and devices

Our acceptance test environment offers a remote solution for running test cases and interacting with devices without physically touching them. Economic challenges such as the Covid pandemic demonstrated the need for such regional flexibility in test automation.

Different functionalities

The lab consists of different environments with different devices and hardware such as the analog and ISDN infrastructure, Android phones, iPhones and VoIP. The different functionalities simulate everything that you can also do manually, but we do it remotely. You can run test cases for mobile functionalities, interfaces, web services, IP systems, speech channels, and much more.

How the lab is used

The acceptance test environment is used by the QiTASC testing team to execute and verify intaQt test cases. Testers can operate the devices remotely and thus work with intaQt from anywhere. Direct access to the lab is only necessary for maintenance or the extension of the environment with the latest gadgets or new hardware.

Telecom setup

Remote telecom testing at QiTASC

PSTN-IPS with Openvox card for CPE testing

CPE Fritzbox 7490

Analog phone

4  RasPI IPS (mini IPS)

5  Mac mini IPS for iPhones

6  iPhones

Phone hub

8  Standard IPS

9  Android phones

10  Phone hub

11  SIM array (implementa)

12  Standard IPS

13  VoIP phones (Snom & Yealink)

Video introduction to the remote lab

Remote lab for test automation

Can Davutoglu introduces the acceptance test environment and different setups within the lab.

Remote lab – in German

Can Davutoglu introduces the lab in German.

IoT Setup

Remote IoT testing with QiTASC

1  Hub

2  Door/window contact

3  Motion detector

4  Bulb

5  Smoke detector

6  Generic platform controller

Video introduction to the IoT setup

IoT setup for remote tests

Can Davutoglu introduces the IoT setup of the remote lab.

IoT setup – in German

Can Davutoglu introduces the IoT lab in German.

Audio support to validate the speech channel

We developed a phone hub to offer audio support for recording and reading out audio signals. Because newer Android phones lack an audio port we developed a Bluetooth adapter containing three Bluetooth antennas. Another advantage of the phone hub is the possibility of controlling phone charging, resulting in longer battery lifespans.

Remote testing with phone hub and audio support from QiTASC

Testing in times of a pandemic

Economic challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrate the need for regional flexibility.

Article: Testing in times of corona

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