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Digital companies face diminishing profit margins and tighter deadlines. Intelligent testing with increased levels of automation is the key to achieving increasing quality, reduced time to market and cost efficiency.

What is test automation?

Test automation means that the work of a manual tester is partly or fully automated. You can work with automation for both software and hardware testing. It is the solution for avoiding excessive and expensive manual testing which requires highly skilled experts and a manual tester who needs to perform to his limits.

Automation can be applied to various phases of testing such as planning and modelling the test framework, configuring all elements and systems involved in the scenario, test execution, data collection, rule-based verification and reporting.

Test automation optimises testing activities and yields superior test outputs. It significantly improves the quality of the product while acclerating the time to market.

Test automation for digital industries

Implement detailed analysis and deep dive into the possibilities of increasing the quality of your product with our end-to-end test automation software intaQt.

Benefits of test automation with QiTASC

QiTASC’s philosophy is rooted in the passion for creating high-quality testing pipes that help businesses to move away from tedious and time-consuming quality assurance activities.

Tackle complexity

The quality of software determines its market placement, especially if an application is complex and mashed. With an increasing number of features and level of complexity, it can no longer be manually tested. Our software is your tool for quality assurance of complex, digital products.


Increasing costs create pressure in software development teams. To reduce costs with automated testing, projects require transparency. Our automation provides an immediate snapshot of a project at any time.

Remote testing

In order to overcome time to market pressures and achieve the optimum level of quality that is essential for securing business outcomes, you need to run tests 24/7. Our intelligent test automation solution can be operated remotely, creating a situation of complete regional flexibility.

​Benefits of automated testing in numbers

Your gains and savings with our test automation tool intaQt in numbers.

Test automation benefits of QiTASC

Use cases in different industries

Use case: Telecom

Can Davutoglu explains the use of QiTASC’s test automation software in a telecommunication project.

Use case: Finance

Can Davutoglu explains the use of QiTASC’s test automation software in a bank’s project.

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