CDR search engine

cdr-linQ is a tool for examining CDRs collected from those generated by test cases. CDRs written by network elements are collected, decoded and indexed. Tens of millions of CDRs can be loaded, while indexing means a CDR for any given phone number can be found in milliseconds.

Specialised CDR search

CDRs can be found by type, by subtype, by time, by phone number, by charging ID, by IMSI and more. Even if a CDR does not contain a searchable ID it can be found by an automatic linking search if it is correlated to one that does.

Quick compare and download

cdr-linQ provides fast visible comparison of up to 3 CDRs, and allows download of the original CDR file for further analysis.

Table of contents

List of other software tools


Runtime environment for test automation framework

intaQt studio

Test case development UI

intaQt client

Command-line interface of the test automation framework

intaQt verification

Charging verification

intaQt web-ui

Web-based test case development UI


Trace comparison


Evidence collector


Reporting and issue tracking


Simulator/message sequence generator.

mimiQ load: load generator


CDR search engine


Seamless SIM mapping