FAQ about QiTASC and test automation

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What does QiTASC offer?

QiTASC automates what a human otherwise does manually.

We offer a complete framework consisting of various hardware and software products. These can automate end-to-end scenarios as well as verify specific system functions with automated scenarios. In addition to automation, the solution also provides control of end devices (mobile phones, modems, IoT devices, actuators, sensors, tools, etc.) from home.

The entire testing process is automated. Even the necessary analysis is performed with software-based modules and the error sources are automatically narrowed down or identified. The test scenarios can be tested with greater quality and depth.

The customer receives a report about possible errors as well as a dashboard with data on the entire test process.

What can I expect in a demo?

In a demo, QiTASC provides deeper knowledge of its solution suite for fully automated end-to-end testing of digital processes, products and services. QiTASC demonstrates the ways in which a company can benefit from the solutions to optimise their QA processes.

What are the steps towards a successful cooperation?

Proof of concept: We help you to develop 2-3 of your major use cases to show our capabilities

The best way to prove our own competence is a quick proof of concept. QiTASC offers:

  • Selection of a small set of complex test cases
  • Integration of a few interfaces
  • Development of necessary step definitions
  • Development of selected test cases
  • Demonstration of test cases and verification
  • Visualisation of reporting

Once we have the chance to demonstrate our capabilities in a proof of concept, we have a success rate of 80%.

My business area is not listed. Does QiTASC cover it?

The QiTASC framework is interesting for all companies and products that have multiple user channels and complex logics, such as:

  • Apps
  • Interfaces
  • Smart devices
  • IoT devices
  • Communication devices (modems, mobile phones, VoIP phones, ISDN phones, etc.)
  • Web pages (e.g.: self care, eShop, etc.)
  • Terminals
  • Displays
  • Actuators & sensors, etc.

The more complex the setup and the more it needs to be operated and configured, the more complex the operations are and the more often the verification cycles occur. This where the QiTASC framework really proves its value. There are almost no limits that we cannot overcome.

Do you also test streaming?

No, not without additional tools e.g. Polqa.

Can you integrate measuring devices?

Yes, if there is graphical interface or API etc.

What do I get out of it? What is the benefit?

5x more test cases run than with manual testing

60% reduction of time & resources

25% better lab quality

70% of verification and checking is automated.

80% of reporting effort is automated

40% time reduction for defect analysis

Where do I find a manual and tutorial videos?

Go here to find the manual online. Tutorial videos are placed on the pages of the various software tools.

Can I talk to a developer for support when working with any software from QiTASC?

Unless agreed, direct contact with one of the developers is not part of our offer. Training or technical support is available as part of our TESTING SERVICE package.

Interested in more detailed answers?

Explore our articles for more information about test automation, events, our products and services. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.