Portable testing labs in a suitcase for E2E testing

The opportunity to carry your test automation lab with you means test cases can be executed anywhere in the world. Our suitcases are constantly being adapted and fine-tuned. With every new release, they cover more scenarios for different industries.

Automated testing with portable tool from QiTASC

The portable telecom suitcase

The intaQt suitcase has been designed as an out-of-the-box, plug-and-play product testing unit. All devices are already wired on delivery and can be used immediately. The systems are configured: insert the SIM cards, connect it to power and a LAN and GO!


The mobile testing centre is in a suitcase because it should be possible to send it anywhere in the world. That way you can execute test cases at the locations where customers use their phones.

Test cases

You can run app test cases to test the interfaces, voice test cases to the test the speech channel, SMS test cases to test the duration of SMS transfer, data test cases to measure download/upload quality or latency of the sessions, etc. Which test cases are possible depends on the test scenario.


It inherits 6 phones, an IPS, phone hub and fan. The phones are connected to our intaQt phone service and can run individually or in parallel. The phone hub connects all phones via their audio channels to record and inject audio streams and power supply, controlling their charging for a longer lifespan.

Portable testing tool in a suitcase from QiTASC

Presentation of the telecom suitcase

Portable testing lab for test automation

Can Davutoglu introduces the portable testing lab for telecommunication tests. Watch the video introduction in German.

Telecom suitcase in action

Watch the portable testing lab for telecom tests in action.

The portable IoT suitcase

The intaQt IoT suitcase is a portable testing unit for smart home test cases. When we build your suitcase, the components can be adjusted to the scenario and delivered already wired and connected. It just needs power and a LAN to start.

IoT testing tool: the portable suitcase from QiTASC


The IoT suitcase can be sent and used anywhere in the world. The content varies depending on the business area and the customer’s test cases.

Test cases

You can run IoT test cases in detail as well as motion sensor test cases to test the reaction and battery status of the gadget. A smart bulb test case to turn lights on or off, change light intensity or the colour of the bulb, etc. is also possible. The range of possible test cases depends on the gadgets inside the suitcase you ordered and on the test scenario.


It inherits different gadgets to run IoT tests. Some of them, such as the smart bulb, have a phone attached in order to check the RGB value of the measured light value.

IoT testing with portable tool in a suitcase from QiTASC

Watch IoT suitcases in action

Portable lab for IoT test automation

Christoph introduces the portable testing lab in a suitcase for IoT tests.

Latest version: IoT suitcase

Watch the latest version of the portable testing lab for IoT tests in action.

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