Use AI services for your business

Our AI service increases the efficiency of any business or testing process run by AI. An individual AI assistant enhances customer communication, speeds up document-based processes and analyses business data automatically, while the testing agent QAIA supports testing with intaQt®.

The power of AI

The capacity of AI lies in the analysis and coordination of search results. The QiTASC AI service is defined by its intelligence when producing these results.

Apart from research, the intelligence behind AI can analyse large amounts of complex data, monitor developments and identify abnormal patterns. No ongoing interaction is needed to update the knowledge-base, in other words the AI model that forms the basis. Users communicate with an AI assistant in human-like conversations via chat.

Unlike an ordinary chatbot, the QiTASC AI assistant learns with every answer and is maintained automatically. That way, it provides intelligent support in data-driven processes without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of AI

Integrating an AI assistant in any business

State-of-the-art service at low cost

Fast integration of an intelligent team member with long-term benefits. Up-to-date with no follow-up costs or maintenance necessary.

Team support

Repetitive tasks and simple requests are taken over, reducing stress for your team which is free to focus on complex tasks.

Customer satisfaction

AI-assistants can handle multi-channel communication in any language, speeding up replies to customer requests. Up-to-date answers, fast availability and human-like communication increase customer satisfaction.

Support of any business

The QiTASC AI service can be integrated in businesses of any size and in any industry.

Predictive maintenance

AI analyses data and historical maintenance records automatically in order to predict equipment failures.

Higher security

An AI assistant analyses network data,  user behaviour and monitors network traffic in real time. That way, it detects suspicious patterns that may indicate fraud, anomalies and potential security threats, such as with regard to security, billing or phishing attempts.

Virtual network assistant

AI understands and supports service activation, plan selection, and account management.

Optimization by analysis

The AI assistant analyses billing data, identifies discrepancies and detects revenue leakage. Predicting customer behaviours helps in any decision-making process in management and marketing.

Faster data-driven processes

Having AI integrated in a business leads to significant efficiency gains in data-driven processes.

Handling big data

The ability to decode information from text documents, as well as images or videos, increases productivity when handling large amounts of data.

The QiTASC offer

What helps your business most?

AI for small businesses

Individual AI assistant

We create an AI assistant and integrate it into your system. It supports your team with up-to-date knowledge, communicates with customers and monitors security issues. You can easily handle a large number of requests from new and existing customers.


AI for E2E-test automation

AI testing agent

The QiTASC AI assistant QAIA is an intelligent expert in E2E test automation. It is an AI assistant with full knowledge of our testing software intaQt® – from test case scripting to verification. Your testing team can chat with QAIA as if it were a member of QiTASC support.

AI-testing agent QAIA

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