Transform telecom with AI

The QiTASC AI service consists of a standardized process which integrates AI to any system. Our highly skilled experts with a deep understanding of AI and the demands of the telecommunications market offer expert design, training, and testing service.

AI service


We identify AI potentials and design customized AI applications to meet your specific business objectives:

  • to optimize your services
  • assure your network reliability
  • enhance your customer’s experience
  • and automate processes

AI service

Model training

We train AI models that understand the complexities of telecommunications data including protocols, CDRs, EDRs, service and subscriber data, and network behaviours. You will make data-driven decisions with accurate predictions and actionable insights.

AI service

Model testing

We ensure the reliability and performance of your AI models. With rigorous testing methodologies, we validate the accuracy, scalability and robustness of your models, minimizing risks and enabling confident deployment.

How it works

Use case: Start your individual AI chatbot

Integrating an AI chatbot as an additional agent increases call centre quality and customer satisfaction. The intelligent system behind it is constantly learning and can closely resemble real conversation.

1. AI consultancy

We help to initialize and train your individual AI chatbot. After some fine-tuning, your chatbot is ready to answer any questions. Once it is up and running, no ongoing adjustments are needed.

2. Constant training

We train your AI model as an additional agent with your company data such as standards, docs and FAQs. It constantly learns and adheres to the same processes and information sources as your team does. Unlike other chatbot systems, yours will not require continuous retraining.

3. Reduce customer care costs

The AI chatbot responds effectively to end-users, reducing call centre expenses and operational requests, while speeding up accurate answering mechanisms. Autonomous solving of simple, repetitive questions reduces your team’s workload and enables them to devote their attention to more complex issues.

What to use AI for

Predictive maintenance

Analyse sensor data & historical maintenance records, predict equipment failures

Service and support

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants for customer care


Analyse network data and user behaviour, detect fraud patterns

Virtual network assistants

Virtual assistants for service activation, plan selection, account management

Revenue assurance & billing optimization

Analyse billing data, identify discrepancies, detect revenue leakage

Network security and threat detection

Monitor network traffic in real time, detect anomalies and potential security threats

Test case generation

Generate test cases for automated regression testing

Lab monitoring and defect resolution

Verify automated test runs in real time, detect anomalies and defects

AI service in the telecom industry

Possibilities especially for telco

Fraud detection

AI-powered fraud detection enables swift identification of suspicious activities and safeguards customers and profits. Advanced algorithms can proactively detect and address fraud, ensuring network integrity, customer trust, and minimizing financial losses caused by fraudulent activities.

Document dispatching

AI-powered dispatching services improve efficiency and streamline operations when dealing with multiple customer channels. They intelligently route customer care requests from platforms like emails, forms, SMS, mail and voice calls to agents, resulting in faster response times and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Document verification

AI-powered content identification and reply service can boost productivity and accuracy when handling a high volume of written documentation with customers. It categorizes content quickly and provides automated responses, leading to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

AI service for MVNOs

Using an AI chatbot, companies in the MVNO industry can upscale their customer care team significantly. Find out more about the QiTASC approach to support MVNOs.

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