Test automation tools for every phase of the testing process

All-in-one test automation software and innovative hardware for remote E2E test automation in Telecom, IoT, MVNO, e-commerce and Finance.

No digital company can do without end-to-end test automation, no matter what the business area.

We sell time!

Gain 60% more effective use of time & resources: QiTASC offers end-to-end functional testing for complex environments.

Bring your product to the market 40% faster

70% less time and resources when preparing and configuring your test automation infrastructure. Accelerated analysis: 40% less time spent on defect analysis.

Only proven technology brings higher income

As a risk manager, you know the value of proven technology. With QiTASC you increase quality, conduct detailed analyses and deep dive into problems.

5x more test cases executed

You can execute 5 times more test cases with automated testing than with manual testing. Operation gain of test automation: 24/7 test cases can be reused and run permanently.

Trust in new technologies and trends

Keep pace with new technologies and trends on the test automation market. With QiTASC, there is no need for your presence in labs: Remote control devices allow working from home.

E2E test automation for any business case

Don’t waste your experts on the 500th version of an internal automation tool. There is no business case that can beat a ready-made automation solution.

Test managers value documentation

80% of our reporting work is automated. Don’t spend your valuable time organising data and compiling reports.

Stronger testing teams

Keep everyone on the same page. Create internal cooperation between the test automation team and the project teams working with test automation.

From day one to done, for every test under the sun

We support telecommunication operators throughout their entire lifecycle, offering a solution for every conceivable testing scenario.

Navigate the data depth

Collect and analyze data from every possible source. Our solution guarantees the accuracy and integrity of networks & billing systems by offering insights and ensuring integrity across every telecom touchpoint.

Future-proof your network with intaQt

Ensure sustainability of your network, highlight its role, overcome current challenges and prepare operators for future ones.

Sample use cases from different industries

E2E test automation software from QiTASC

What we offer

To get you the best results when testing E2E, we have a wide range of products and services. Discover our innovative software, hardware, supporting AI service or testing service for complex system landscapes.

Convinced customers

Our international customers run a constantly increasing number of test cases with our automation framework. Their trust results in faster times to market, higher-quality products and rising income.

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