Software testing service from experts

When time and resources are limited, you can hand over testing activities to our team of experts. We implement test requirements, develop and execute test cases, carry out test result analysis and defect or project management, and train and support your team.

Testing service

Managed testing

You can hand over full control of your project to QiTASC. For the duration of the test project, we provide you with software, test engineers, automation expert know-how, and other services as agreed. Strong communication helps to transfer our knowledge while keeping you up-to-date on the status of the test project.

Key features of our managed testing service may include:

  • Developing a risk assessment
  • Defining the test scope from your project’s requirements
  • Making sure that all requirements are implemented
  • Converting requirements into test scenarios
  • Writing, executing and analysing test results
  • Opening defects and tracking bugs
  • Providing and analysing test reports and metrics

Testing service

Testing & retesting

As our customer, you hand over testing and retesting activities to us. This involves contracting our in-house test engineers to execute tests for you. You gain speed, accuracy and reliability, which are critical to getting your product to the market on time and without any defects.

This is especially useful when there is a temporary shortage of in-house test engineers or when the project needs additional support with running tests but does not require QiTASC to take full control.

Customised software testing

QiTASC offers customised software testing services as required for specific use cases, projects and customers. This includes custom hardware solutions, Git hosting, and more.

Custom service

Professional services

Professional services may include a combination of testing service packages, as well as customised services not specified, for example contracting our in-house engineering team to create hardware to pair with QiTASC’s software. This option is popular for business testing IoT applications, which may require additional support with automating devices such as smoke detectors or alarms.

Custom service

Git server hosting

QiTASC offers Git server hosting for customers who want to use version control with their intaQt® projects but don’t want to worry about maintenance or space issues. This service package provides users with access to all standard Git hosting functionality, including code reviews and ticket assignment. If at any time you would prefer to handle Git hosting yourself, the service package can be stopped and all artefacts are transferred to the customer.

Support for our software

Training & personalised technical support

We provide in-depth training to ensure your team can expertly use the test automation software products. Additionally, our team of experts is available to help answer technical questions about our software or help you troubleshoot errors.

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