Web-based test case development UI

intaQt web-ui® is a portal with a web-based user interface which offers the option of web-hosted test services. It is an alternative product to the locally installed intaQt studio® which are both designed to develop and execute test cases. The main difference with intaQt web-ui® is that a project’s admin can restrict specific users’ permissions.

intaQt web-ui main screen

intaQt web-ui® is a centrally accessible, secure web interface that provides an integrated development environment with many useful features for developing and managing test cases.

User permission

A project’s admin has the right to assign permissions to specific users, such as only running tests, only viewing files, only using phones or only having access to some specific projects. This is the main difference to intaQt studio®.

Android phone

The intaQt web-ui® also provides manual remote-control capabilities for Android phones, VoIP phones and visualised POTS/ISDN clients.


Git has been integrated to provide version management.

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Runtime environment for test automation framework

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Test case development UI

intaQt client®

Command-line interface of the test automation framework

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Charging verification

intaQt web-ui®

Web-based test case development UI


Trace comparison


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Evidence collector


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Simulator/message sequence generator.

mimiQ load: load generator


Seamless SIM mapping


User management


Secure event service


Alarm generator