3 offers for MVNOs

The following offers meet the main challenges of MVNOs: Marketing their band, running a customer care centre and assuring the network capacities are delivered as agreed in the SLAs.

The challenges facing MVNO companies go hand in hand with their dependence on the MVO’s network capacities, the quality of their customer care centres and the functional quality of their product.

We offer the following solutions to these challenges:

Challenge no. 1: MVNO products and services may have issues.

The QiTASC solution:

Test any HNO/MVNO product constantly

MVNOs must ensure seamless provisioning of services to their customers, including mobile voice, data, and messaging. This involves efficient SIM card activation, number porting, and configuration of network settings. Apart from service provisioning, accurate billing and charging systems are crucial for effectively managing customer subscriptions, usage and invoicing. This includes real-time data usage tracking, tariff management and billing integration with various payment gateways.

To distinguish themselves from traditional mobile services, MVNOs often offer value-added services on top, such as content subscriptions, IoT connectivity, mobile banking, pre-paid cards, or other specialized services tailored to specific customer segments.


  • QiTASC offers MVNOs to test their product constantly for better quality, to level up their customer care center, and to check the SLAs for any breach of contract concerning the network performance.
  • The portable testing lab enables to run test cases from anywhere, to measure i.e. the upload and download performance.
  • Integrated to a customer care centre, the AI agent supports your team effectively.

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In order to find any issues in MVNO products and services, test automation offers the possibility of constant process and service monitoring. It detects any problems and irregularities immediately, which avoids downtime and lets you fix any issue before it impacts your customers.

The test automation software intaQt® is part of a test automation framework which monitors any service 24/7. The end-to-end test automation tool checks different functionalities of a product or service and immediately presents its analysis with the reporting tool conQlude. That way, you get an overview of process data and possible problems on a regular basis. The benefits are:

Reduce downtime

Avoid revenue losses from service disruptions.

Improve customer satisfaction

Find any issues before your customers do and fix them immediately. Reducing functionality issues improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Save costs

Avoid costly emergency repairs and service downtimes by detecting and fixing issues before they escalate.

Challenge no. 2: SLA does not seem correct

The QiTASC solution:

Check the delivered network performance

An MVNO service runs by using an MVO´s network. Usually, the terms of the SLA (service level agreement) define that the network performance should be the same whether used by MVNO customers or directly by MVO customers. MVNOs must monitor and enforce SLAs with network infrastructure providers to ensure the quality and reliability of the services delivered to their customers. This involves performance monitoring, fault management, and proactive issue resolution.

Those agreements must be established nationally and internationally, as MVNO subscribers travel and want to use their phones anywhere. MVNOs must enable international roaming capabilities with seamless connectivity. This includes establishing partnerships with roaming service providers and managing roaming agreements.

QiTASC offers MVNOs the chance to test the services sold to their customers themselves. Using their own lab, they collect detailed data to check this agreement in practice. That way, they can verify if performances such as registry, upload, download, latency, voice quality and other KPIs are given as agreed in the SLAs.

Usually, testing labs for running automated tests are at a fixed location. Although you could run your test cases in the QiTASC remote testing lab from anywhere, it is not the testing scenario MVNOs need. It is not the testers that should be location-independent, but the lab. Using the QiTASC testing lab in a suitcase, you can run your test cases wherever you are and so check the performance from anywhere. This geographical independence of the lab for MVNO tests is important because the performance of the network depends on the physical location of the devices in the lab which executes the test cases. In a testing process, you want to run a service at a certain location to get realistic data for your SLA check.

Control data

Measure whether the delivered performance conforms to the contract by collecting real numbers. Check the SLA for:

  • Voice (2G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc.) services
  • Data services
  • SMS, MMS, USSD services

Compare different performances

Run your tests in different locations and compare the outcome with competitors.


Our portable lab in a suitcase is location-independent. It includes the devices you need for running performance tests with our automated test software intaQt®.

Watch the portable lab suitcase in action.

Challenge no. 3: Customer care requires a lot of effort

The QiTASC solution:

Upgrade customer care with AI

Providing excellent customer support is essential for MVNOs to maintain high customer satisfaction levels. The most efficient way to do this is to implement a self-care application. This involves handling inquiries, troubleshooting network or service issues, and ensuring timely resolution of customer concerns.

The QiTASC chatbot is a unique tool designed to assist customers with their inquiries. MVNO customer care teams will utilize this AI-based chatbot to respond effectively to their own end-users. This reduces call centre expenses and operational requests, and speeds up accurate answering mechanisms for your customers.

Our chatbot model is a standardized process which integrates AI to an MVNO´s customer care centre. Only initial training and fine-tuning are necessary, and the QiTASC team helps you train your individual AI model with your company data such as standards, docs and FAQs.

Unlike other systems, this chatbot does not require continuous retraining. It learns persistently from the same sources that the customer care agents use. While conventional chatbots demand extensive configuration, which may entail orchestrating workflows (i.e. determining which questions lead to what type of conversation) and constant retraining, the QiTASC chatbot eliminates these tedious tasks. The chatbot can actually be considered an additional agent; it adheres to the same processes and information sources.

Save up to 70%

Save up to 70% on support activities without sacrificing quality. This can be guaranteed because the AI-generated answers are always created from the newest product releases.

AI agent in customer care

Your customers will get answers faster and in a way that closely resembles real conversation. They will not notice that they are not chatting with a real person. Your team’s workload is eased thanks to autonomous solving of customer queries. In effect, customer care agents will not be burdened with simple, repetitive questions, enabling them to devote their attention to more complex issues.

More efficient organization

AI can be applied to internal activities.

Answers are up-to-date

Continuously improve the responses with real-time data.


Use facts to prove your contract!

It has been known for customers to complain about weak network performance. Especially if you are a discounter, you make your profits from the quantity of usually fast-moving customers. Customers who complain do not hesitate to withdraw from a contract. For MVNOs to achieve their goals, accelerate growth and stay ahead in the competitive telecommunications industry, they need to offer network performance comparable to that of the big network operators.

As an MVNO operator, you need to be able to check whether the suspicion of lower performance for MVNO customers which use the same network as direct customers is justified. Using tools such as the portable lab by QiTASC, you can run performance tests, collect data and check whether network operators are complying with their contract –  the SLA.

You greatly depend on delivered network capacities and your customer care team. Using a comprehensive end-to-end test automation framework and suitable service, your team has the tools and capabilities to overcome complex network challenges and ensure seamless customer experiences. Using the test automation software intaQt®, you can simulate real-world scenarios, from network traffic spikes to device compatibility tests. This enables you to indentify potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities within the network and rectify them before they impact end-users. This proactive approach significantly reduces downtime and customer frustration.

Furthermore, using our AI service to support your customer care team means they can focus on more complex tasks, ensuring quick solutions for customer inquiries and complaints. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters loyalty, as customers will appreciate your MVNO’s dedication to delivering reliable services.

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