The technology behind international roaming tests

We have developed the QiTASC test to perform international roaming tests. It is part of our innovative, lean test automation solution for global roaming tests. To execute tests remotely, we place various QiTASC boxes at previously defined locations globally. Find out how!

We implement roaming tests globally. Intended for global network operators, we have developed an innovative, lean test automation solution for global roaming tests. This is important, because only a tested network makes sure that your offered connections work.

Our pioneering solution offers testing mobile to backend, easy-to-use software, global operation, diverse technologies, remote interaction, scalability, security, reporting, verification, a secure environment, and much more. It makes sure that the world is within reach for any of your customers. Our roaming service streamlines your operations and provides precise, comprehensive KPIs that directly reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

What is the QiTASC box?

The QiTASC box is a further developed version of our successful portable lab suitcase, which is already on the market for telecom testing and IoT testing. Our portable lab suitcases offer the opportunity to position your test automation lab anywhere in the world. In the same way, the QiTASC box revolutionizes remote testing with a suite of devices designed for unparalleled control and troubleshooting. For us, remotely managing our equipment is easy: We switch devices on or off, power equipment up or down, or do audio recording.

To perform international roaming testing, we place various QiTASC boxes at previously defined locations globally. These boxes contain needed to run end- to-end tests: Remotely accessible hardware with preinstalled software which does the magic.

Using the QiTASC box, our service for  international can cover test areas such as IR.24, IR.25, IR.32, IR.35, IR.38, IR.50, IR.60 and IR.81.


  • The QiTASC box is a portable lab suitcase. It enables to run end- to-end tests remotely.
  • To perform international roaming testing, we place various QiTASC boxes at previously defined locations globally.

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Where the QiTASC boxes are located

Below, you see a subset of supported countries:

The heart of any QiTASC box: intaQt framework & software tools

The heart of our operations is the QiTASC international roaming and interconnect platform. Located in Vienna (Austria), it provides a run time environment called intaQt which executes automated test cases that, which can be remotely controlled. Thus, intaQt forms the heart of the QiTASC boxes worldwide.

intaQt is supported by additional software to offer the full experience of end-to- end test automation. To name just a few.

It includes a smart resource manager and scheduler called sQedule, combined with a web-UI with easy secure (2FA) access and test case management. A tool named restriQt offers centralized user roles and responsibilities management. Test reports are maintained by conQlude. Advanced, automated verifications for CDR & trace verification are handled by cheQ and cdr-linQ.

Find out more about our software tools


Trust the experts in end-to-end test automation for international roaming testing

We are QiTASC, experts in end-to-end test automation.

Our all-in-one solution consists of modular software, remotely controllable hardware, AI, worldwide locations, and expert knowledge. With it, network operators can control and monitor their network from our centralized setup, using a single, user- friendly interface only.

By choosing the QiTASC test automation services, you empower your network with the tools and capabilities needed to maintain an international high-quality standard, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. With our belief that simplicity should never compromise the quality of results, you will discover how easy it is to achieve powerful testing outcomes.

T. Lammert, project manager Vodafone Germany:

”Using QiTASC‘s test automation services has revolutionized how we manage our international roaming tests, significantly enhancing our service quality.”

Unique roaming testing service

We empower your network with precision and agility using our comprehensive roaming testing services. They ensure that every interaction is flawless and every connection seamless. We tailor your tests effortlessly across diverse projects and ensure every critical mobile feature is thoroughly evaluated: from voice calls, SMS/MMS, and USSD to data, apps, and telco services.

Remote defect diagnosis

When issues arise, our instant testing capabilities allow for swift defect resolution by remotely diagnosing device behaviour in real time.

AI verification

Plus, our AI-powered rule generation meticulously verifies all basic protocols, including 3GPP, ETSI, and RFCs. It ensures your services are not only compliant but also leading-edge.

Dashboard visualization

Beyond automated testing, our solution offers dashboarding capabilities. This makes it easier for you to keep a watchful eye on your network‘s performance.

KPI provided

Our advanced KPI collection integrates seamlessly to provide you with actionable insights. To do this, it sources data directly from the mobile devices, applications, and even during fundamental RAN communications.

Hardware to allow global testing

Innovative hardware that complements our testing software. It enables us to develop products such as the QiTASC box to place small but effective testing labs all over the world.

Fast development of individual solutions

Our size and mentality mean QiTASC can implement customer specifications quickly. This applies to both strategical and operational decisions.

Simple usage

With our solution, you‘ll experience the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, enabling you to streamline your testing procedures while achieving robust and reliable results.