We build your Testing Centre of Excellence

The telco industry is constantly evolving, adopting new technologies. A Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) ensures expertise and resources to effectively test these complex technologies and their integrations.

QiTASC provides a framework to cover any functions (and more), which your testing lab and correlating software has covered so far. It automates the whole test process, from scattered to streamlined, unifiying the testing arsenal with an all-in-one approach. With automated evidence collection and custom reports. Scalable and extensible as well.

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What makes the difference?

A TCoE helps maintain high service quality by implementing standardized testing processes, identifying and resolving issues early, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

In their everyday work life of testers, the TCoE is one centralized unit. They can connect to it directly or remotely to manage, plan, develop, run and analyse tests. Protocols, tools and KPIs are standardized, while testers can share their resources across the team. By streamlining testing activities, you speed up the process and ensure that products meet industry standards.

Contrast the fragmented vs. integrated approach:

From scattered to streamlined:

Experience the power of an already integrated TCoE where all tools and UI’s are from same design.

Unify your testing arsenal:

Ditch the disjointed tools by embracing our all-in-one TCoE. Thereby, you still have the option to integrate 3rd party tools.

Stop patching the gaps:

Get a seamless testing experience not only for the software based products, but also for hardware and device control.

Emphasize efficiency and control:

Effortless efficiency:

Automate, collect, validate, analyze, and optimize tests in one approach.

Take control of your testing:

Gain unparalleled visibility and insights with our TCoE built-in reporting capabilities.

Streamline your workflow, maximize your impact:

With our defined blue print processes and best practices we underline the integrated TCoE advantage.

Focus on specific differentiators:

Customizable dashboards, actionable insights:

Make data-driven decisions with our TCoE.

Beyond simulation:

Stress test your network’s limits with our simulation capabilities.

Trace every step, gather every detail:

Unmatched evidence collection, regardless, if its CDR’s, PCAP traces, logs, screenshots, audio recordings – We collect and analyze automatically.

Our TCoE isn’t just another piece of the puzzle, it’s the entire picture. With out all in one-solution, there is no need to settle for fragmented solutions, because you can achieve true testing excellence with our integrated approach. While others struggle with scattered tools, we empower you with a unified testing experience.


  • With a TCoE, testers can switch between project groups and experience the core of superior testing.
  • The QiTASC test framework builds the backbone for your TCoE. It unites innovation, security and excellence to one testing environment.
  • intaQt® as part of the framework delivers unparalleled quality, efficiency, and innovation in telecom and IoT.

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A QiTASC Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) offers several significant benefits for telco companies, differentiating it from traditional, fragmented approaches:

Increased efficiency and cost savings

Streamlined workflow: Integration eliminates the need for multiple tools and manual effort, saving time and resources.

Reduced redundancy: Consolidated infrastructure and services minimize duplication and streamline resource allocation.

Improved automation: Integrated automation capabilities enable faster test execution and reduce manual workload.

Remote control: You can still work from home, all devices and tools are available.

Reduce test case creation time: Get started faster with our ready-to-use library.

Enhanced quality and performance:

Comprehensive testing: The suite of features allows for thorough testing across various aspects, including functionality, performance, security, and protocol behavior.

Improved defect detection: Automated testing and detailed evidence collection facilitate early identification and resolution of issues.

Load and stress testing: Capabilities to simulate real-world scenarios ensure telco services can handle peak demands and maintain performance.

Out of the box test case libraries

Greater visibility and control:

Customizable dashboards: Gain real-time insights into testing progress, performance metrics, and key trends.

Centralized reporting: Access comprehensive reports for informed decision-making and improved communication across stakeholders.

Traceability and evidence Collection: Easily track every message sequence, every step and action of the testing process and gather detailed evidence for automated verification and audit purposes.

Additional advantages

Reduced time to market: Faster and more efficient testing cycles accelerate product and service releases.

Improved compliance: Integrated features facilitate adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Scalability and adaptability: The centralized structure allows for easier scaling to accommodate evolving needs and technologies.

Multi tenancy: Existing device farms, attenuators, SIM cards, etc. can be shared in different teams, without seeing each other.


The framework behind a TCoE define its features

By combining the benefits offered by a Testing Centre of Excellence by QiTASC, your integrated TCoE can deliver a significant competitive advantage for telco companies, enabling them to:

  • Deliver high-quality services that meet customer expectations.
  • Reduce costs and optimize resource utilization.
  • Increase agility and adapt to changing market demands.
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Therefore, investing in a well-designed and integrated TCoE can be a strategic decision for telco companies seeking to enhance their testing capabilities and achieve operational excellence.