Social responsibility as a corporate in 2022

In every society, organization and even in each individual there is an ongoing conflict between a pressure to change and an inertia that resists change. In the long run, however, change always wins.

At QiTASC, we believe it is better to be a driving force for change than to be driven by it. We also believe that our decisions have an impact, no matter how small it may be, on the direction change will take.

We want change for the better.

From this aim and our understanding that we can play a part in bringing about this change comes a responsibility for our actions as a company. To reflect this, we have compiled the following guidelines for our business policy.

You are most welcome to make a contribution to alter, expand, or hone these guidelines. If you have any suggestions, please contact the relevant persons named in each section.

Business Ethics

It is not up to us to judge what extent a large tech firm from California still meets the criterion “Don´t be evil”, but it is, of course, a good starting point for business ethics.

At the very least this means that all our business operations are legitimate and that we respect the law in everything we do. It also means that we respect our customers and partners.

Business relations should be satisfactory for all parties involved. Things are probably wrong if there is a feeling that one side got a much better deal. They almost certainly are if one side is triumphant. We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our performance.

That includes selling only those products and services that we think will benefit the customer. A quick ”junk” sale may boost our revenue but will damage our reputation, and reputation is the real hard currency in all business operations.

At QiTASC, we contribute to a respectful society and ecological awareness.


Protecting the environment is as important to us as it is for the planet. You may think that a software company does not have a major impact on the environment but it is the little steps that add up. There are, for example, our efforts to reduce waste as much as possible and to continually increase our recycling rate. You may have noticed that our refreshments come in recyclable bottles. Apart from that, we also try to come as close as possible to a paperless office.

Energy conservation plays a major role in trying to reduce our carbon footprint. We only use renewable energy for all our operations and all our devices are at least in the energy efficiency class A+.

Business travel is kept to a minimum and if required we prefer trains over cars or airplanes. Easy access to our offices with public transport allows you to leave your car at home, easing congestion and reducing CO2 emissions.

But there is also the impact our products have. Smart home devices can play a major role in reducing energy consumption. In fact, smart metering is a key factor in the EU energy efficiency directive. QiTASC makes these devices more reliable and thus increases consumer acceptance. So your work does have a direct impact on our environment.

Shrinking carbon footprint

Reduction of waste

Refreshments in recyclable packages

Nearly paperless office

Renewable energy for all operations

Devices with energy efficiency A+

Business travel mostly by train

Offices address near public transport

Working Environment

“We value our employees” is a statement you will find in just about every company brochure. Well, what can we say? It is probably best to tell you what we do to show our appreciation. We follow an open door policy, so you can always rely on your supervisors to lend you an ear. While some companies dread the idea of trade unions, we welcome the role unions play in consulting management, and actively encourage union engagement. We like to use all possible channels to gather your feedback.

It is important to us that work gets done, not when and where you do it. So, flexible hours or working from home are options open to you to create a favorable work-life balance. Also, any ideas for improving your personal workspace are most welcome.

As we like to go forward, we need our staff to go forward with us. This means that we will invest in your training, making sure our staff is up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. If you feel a specific course or training will benefit your role in the company, talk to us. We are not afraid of losing you to a competitor as we are convinced that we can offer you a working environment you will not want to leave. In fact, you will find that our employee retention rate is above average in our field.

We have offices in Vienna, Düsseldorf and Duisburg. We organize a one- week workshop once a year in a wellness hotel in Austria, with workshops and meetings in the morning and time for sports and leisure after lunch.

As one of the few IT companies with a female CEO, QiTASC promotes diversity among its employees. You will find colleagues from all cultural backgrounds. Currently we employ people with over 9 different nationalities. We integrated testers in our team who are on the autism spectrum, as their concentration and ability to carry out verification tasks meticulously strengthen us as a company. We also value experience. A good mix of young employees with experienced experts makes us flexible and successful; our team members’ ages are between 21 -59. We are interested in human beings, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation or identification.

Open-mindedness is a quality that is of extreme importance to us and something that we expect from all our employees. We follow a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment in any form.


Covid has shown all of us the importance of health and well-being. Health, both physical and mental, is vital for good performance. We will do everything we can for you to retain or, as the case may be, regain your health. While physical health, or its lack, is easier to recognize, we are also concerned about other issues that are harder to detect. You can rely on your supervisors and the works council to treat any health issues confidentially, so you are encouraged to seek advice if you feel stressed out or depressed. We will find ways to assist your recovery.

We have an office space of 1010 m2 in Vienna for 35 employees and the management team, and provide our employees with coffee, tea, and soft drinks as well as fresh fruits, cake, ice cream and cookies as brain food, all free of charge.

Free food for employees

Coffee, tea, soft drinks

Organic fresh fruits

Cake, at times home- baked

Ice cream & cookies

Brain food

Ergonomics is a major factor in retaining your physical well-being. All our workspaces follow industry best practices but if you feel you need any specific equipment, you are welcome to ask.

Workspace hazards should, of course, be avoided. While we do what we can to create a safe working environment, we rely on feedback from our staff to recognize and eliminate any hazards we may have missed, so tell us if something is amiss.

To make sure you can contribute to the well-being of others, please familiarize yourself with the position of fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Knowing where to find these and how to use them is essential in emergencies and can save lives. QiTASC has two designated first aiders.


  • QiTASC contributes to a respectful society and ecological awareness.
  • QiTASC is willing to constantly adapt to new trends to reach a high standard for social responsibility.
  • The carbon footprint is shrinking via chosen food, devices and travel options.

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Accepting social responsibility for our operations goes beyond laying down policies and guidelines. We have appointed staff for all the measures discussed here. It is their job to make sure we meet the high standards set out above, so contact them if you feel the need to discuss any issues that might arise.

But most importantly, it is up to you to bring our social responsibility policy to life. While we believe that our actions as a company can make a difference and bring change forward in the right direction, it is your actions that will advance our company.

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