Remote testing in times of Covid-19 pandemic

Economical challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrate the need of regional flexibility.

Altough the last two years were very demanding for all of us, Covid-related social distancing rules led to spike in demand for QiTASC’s hardware and solutions. These rules required employees to work from home, and our ability to control devices and systems remotely offered new possibilities to all those who needed to control their devices in the labs from home.

Testing during the coronavirus pandemic requires special features, and our test automation provides several remote control capabilities for:

Mobile devices, audio control included

VoIP devices

ISDN & POTS lines

CPE, WiFi access points, etc.

IoT devices, including 3D housing, actuators & sensors

In Q1 2022 we will add remote control for attenuators. The laboratory environment in combination with the QiTASC test automation tool enables a suitable remote working environment for all specialists who are working from home.

We realise that Corona Virus is here to stay!

The coronavirus pandemic requires the reduction of social contacts in the laboratory, but with our solution all specialists can work from home and control the devices in the laboratory remotely without any loss of functionality.

Using the Test Lab before Covid

In the good, old days, testing was performed in labs by engineers. Those engineers …

…  operated devices in a shielded box

…  shared a limited number of devices in that box

…  were required to be on-site

…  needed to check audio channels, announcements, sounds & music

The operation of devices in a shielded box could be rather fiddly, but was essential.

Covid did not come on its own. Together with the pandemic came lockdowns and obligatory home office and with them, any flexible access to the lab was denied for the majority of the testing team.

When Covid started

As soon as Covid started, problems with testing started. Engineers were only allowed inside a test lab in small numbers. They could not work from home, as long as a test-lab network was required.

There are some tools for remote testing but none of them provides audio power control for the devices. Testing is stopped in its tracks!

Remote Testing

Your advantages of testing with intaQt® are not only relevant in times of corona, but offer your engineers full regional flexibility:


Full testing capacity restored


No outlay for additional boxes or devices


Engineers can work from home


Full audio signal exchange

This experience can be used as starting point for test automation!


  • Social distancing rules required our ability to control devices and systems in the lab from home.
  • Out test automation provides several remote control capabilities for mobile devices (audio control included), VoIP devices, ISDN & POTS lines, CPE, WiFi access points, etc., as well as IoT devices, including 3D housing, actuators & sensors.

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