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Let´s meet at the next fair and experience our newest achievements live! We want to connect with anyone interested in E2E-test automation and discuss how our offer may help you to achieve your goals.


Currently, no events are planned

Past events

Mobile World Congress 2024

February 26th to 29th  2024

Barcelona, Spain

MVNO World Congress 2023

June 6th to 7th  2023

Amsterdam, Nederlands

Article: 3 offers for MVNOs

Mobile World Congress 2023

February 27th to March 2nd  2023

Barcelona, Spain

Smart City European World Congress 2022

November 15th to 17th  2022

Barcelona, Spain

Article: Trades in 2022

Mobile World Congress 2016

February 22nd to 25th  2016

Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Congress 2015

March 2nd to 5th  2015

Barcelona, Spain