Manage tests
Create, manage and run automated tests
An IDE made for testing
CLI & continuous integration support

Integrated reporting and issue tracking

Manage tests
Create, manage and run automated tests
An IDE made for testing
CLI & continuous integration support

Integrated reporting and issue tracking
Verify tests
Verify complex test data

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Testing Services

When time and resources are limited, handing testing activities over to QiTASC is a cost-effective and reliable solution that lets you focus on critical issues like bug fixing, product development and research.
Depending on your requirements, QiTASC's service packages may include:
  • Managed testing, including implementing test requirements, developing test cases and executing tests
  • Hiring QiTASC test engineers to support your own team
  • Test result analysis
  • Defect management
  • Project management
  • Training, in-person or remote
  • Long-term, personalized support via Slack, E-mail and phone

Managed Testing

Managed testing is a practical way to benefit from QiTASC's entire range of testing and automation tools before deciding whether or not to purchase your own licenses. Strong communication between QiTASC and the customer a key component of our managed testing services: This helps us transfer knowledge about our software and how it works to the customer while keeping them up-to-date on the status of their test project.

Key features of QiTASC's managed testing services may include:
  • Developing a risk assessment
  • Defining the test scope from your project's requirements and making sure that all requirements are implemented
  • Converting requirements into test scenarios
  • Writing, executing and analyzing test results
  • Opening defects and tracking bugs
  • Providing and analyzing test reports and metrics

Testing and Retesting

Speed, accuracy and reliability are critical to getting your product to the market on time and without any defects. QiTASC's testing and retesting services involve contracting our in-house test engineers to execute tests for you.
This is especially useful for businesses in cases such as:
  • There is a temporary shortage of in-house test engineers
  • Test engineers need to focus on other activities
  • The project needs additional support in executing test themselves, but does not require QiTASC to take full control of the project, like in managed testing


QiTASC offers training packages tailored exactly to your budget as well as your technical and practical needs.

On-site, Classroom-style Training

Comprehensive courses are taught in English by our in-house experts, and are adapted to the specific use cases and requirements of your projects. This option is strongly recommended for new customers that are purchasing multiple licenses for corporate use.

After completing QiTASC training sessions, test engineers are equipped with
information and experience that they can share with their colleagues. This approach is cost-effective by promoting
knowledge transfer from existing users to new users and hires.

Feature-specific Training

Existing customers sometimes discover the need develop advanced skills specific
intaQt Server
features, or want a quick training session when adding an additional QiTASC product, such as
intaQt Verification
to their workflow. These training sessions can be conducted on-site or remotely.
Personalized Technical Support
Our team of experts is always available during business hours to help answer technical questions about QiTASC's software or help you troubleshoot errors. Our primary source of technical support is provided via Slack, which ensures a timely response to urgent matters. E-mail, Skype and phone support can also be used when more practical.

In order to provide the best technical support possible, we match QiTASC staff with the right technical expertise to understand your test project's details, infrastructure and requirements. This ensures that we can looks at questions and issues from the same perspective as our customers.
Git Server Hosting
QiTASC offers Git server hosting for customers who want to use version control with their
projects, but don't want to worry about maintenance or space issues. This service package provides users with access to all standard Git hosting functionality, including code reviews and ticket assignment. If at any time you would prefer to handle Git hosting yourself, the service package can be stopped and all artifacts are transfer to the customer.
Custom Professional Services
Professional services may include a combination of the above service packages, as well as customized services not specified. For example, contracting our in-house engineering team to create hardware to pair with QiTASC's software. This option is popular for business testing Internet of Things applications, which may require additional support in automating devices such as smoke detectors or alarms.

If you do not see a testing service described above, get in touch and let us know what type of specialized assistance you are looking for.