E2E testing & AI service for MVNOs

Using an existing network infrastructure allows MVNOs to enter the market easily. The main challenges lie in marketing their brand, running a customer care centre and assuring the MVO’s network capacities as agreed in the SLAs.

How QiTASC can help

The challenges for MVNOs go hand in hand with their dependence on the MVO’s network capacities, the quality of their customer care centres and the functional quality of their product. Our solutions are:

Challenge: MVNO products and services may have issues.

The QiTASC solution:

Test any HNO/MVNO product constantly

Test automation offers the possibility of constant process and service monitoring. Constant monitoring detects any problems and irregularities immediately, which avoids downtime and lets you fix any issue before it impacts your customers.

The test automation software intaQt is part of a test automation framework which monitors any service 24/7. The end-to-end test automation tool checks different functionalities of a product or service and immediately presents its analysis with the reporting tool conQlude. That way, you get an overview of process data and possible problems on a regular basis.

The benefits are:

Reduce downtime

Avoid revenue losses from service disruptions.

Improve customer satisfaction

Find any issues before your customers do and fix them immediately. Reducing functionality issues improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Save costs

Avoid costly emergency repairs and service downtimes by detecting and fixing issues before they escalate.

Challenge: SLA does not seem correct

The QiTASC solution:

Check the delivered network performance

An MVNO service is done using an MVO´s network. Usually, the terms of the SLA define that the network performance should be the same whether it is used by MVNO customers or by direct MVO customers.

As an MVNO, you can test the services you sell to your customers in your own lab and collect detailed data to check this agreement in practice. That way, you can verify if performances such as registry, upload, download, latency, voice quality and other KPIs are given as agreed in the SLAs.

Usually, testing labs for running your tests are at a fixed location. Although you can run your test cases in the QiTASC remote testing lab from anywhere, it is not what MVNOs need. It is not the testers that should be location-independent, but the lab. Using the QiTASC testing lab in a suitcase, you can run your test cases and thereby check the performance from anywhere. This geographical independence of the lab for MVNO tests is important because the performance of the network depends on the physical location of the devices. In a testing process, you want to run a service at a certain location to get realistic data for your SLA check.

Control data

Measure if the delivered performance conforms to the contract by collecting real numbers. Check the SLA for:

  • Voice (2G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc.) services
  • Data services
  • SMS, MMS, USSD services

Compare different performances

Run your tests in different locations and compare the outcome with competitors.

Local independency

Our portable lab in a suitcase is location-independent. It includes the devices you need for running performance tests with our automated test software intaQt.

Watch the portable lab suitcase in action.

Challenge: Customer care requires a lot of effort

The QiTASC solution:

Upgrade customer care with AI

The QiTASC chatbot is a unique tool designed to assist customers with their inquiries. MVNO customer care teams will utilize this chatbot to respond effectively to their own end-users. This reduces call centre expenses and operational requests, and speeds up accurate answering mechanisms for your customers.

The QiTASC chatbot model is a standardized process which integrates AI to an MVNO´s customer care centre. Only initial training and fine-tuning are necessary, and the QiTASC team helps you train your individual AI model with your company data such as standards, docs and FAQs.

Contrary to other systems, this chatbot does not require continuous retraining. It learns persistently from the same sources that the customer care agents use. While conventional chatbots demand extensive configuration, which may entail orchestrating workflows (i.e. determining which questions lead to what type of conversation) and constant retraining, the QiTASC chatbot eliminates these tedious tasks. The chatbot can actually be considered an additional agent; it adheres to the same processes and information sources.

Save up to 70%

Save up to 70% on support activities without sacrificing quality. This can be guaranteed because the AI-generated answers are always created from the newest product releases.

AI agent in customer care

Your customers will get answers faster and in a way that closely resembles real conversation. They will not notice that they are not chatting with a real person. Your team’s workload is eased thanks to autonomous solving of customer queries. In effect, customer care agents will not be burdened with simple, repetitive questions, enabling them to devote their attention to more complex issues.

More efficient organization

AI can be applied to internal activities.

Answers are up-to-date

Continuously improve the responses with real-time data.

Our offer

All you need for end-to-end test automation: software, hardware, testing service and training. The software-based automation framework covers remote device control, API-based provisioning, evidence collection, evidence verification and reporting. All automated!

E2E test automation software from QiTASC

E2E test automation software

We offer a set of software tools for any kind of end-to-end test automation, enabling constant process and service monitoring. As support, we offer a manual, tutorial videos and technical support from our team of experts.


Testing service

Outsource the development and execution of your test cases to our team of experts. We also consult customers when planning the integration of test automation in the testing process of their products.

Testing service

AI service supports customer care

QiTASC offers to introduce and train an AI chatbot for your company. It will upscale call centre quality as well as customer satisfaction. Our service also includes the testing of your AI chatbot.

Portable E2E-testing lab in a suitcase

Our suitcase comes with connected devices and pre-installed intaQt software. You only need LAN and to plug in your suitcase and run your tests to collect and analyze any relevant data about your network performance.

Portable testing lab

Portable testing lab for test automation

Can Davutoglu introduces the portable testing lab for telecommunication tests. Watch the video introduction in German.

Telecom suitcase in action

Watch the portable testing lab for telecom tests in action.

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