Managed Services

Managed Services
Project-Based Testing

We test your systems and services. With QiTASC´s managed services, you can focus on other business issues while we:

... provide licenses, a testing team and project management
... support integration and provide configuration activities
... develop test cases include verification
... execute test cases, reporting and defect management

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Corporate Testing

We can implement a corporate automated testing environment for ALL projects, products and services. This includes...

... setting up a testing center of excellence
... developing test strategy and test management process
... providing licenses and full lab/production environment integration
... providing project management
... developing and executing test cases for all testing areas including end-to-end, integration, sanity, services, regression, verification and lead & stress
... accessing reporting and defect management'

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QiTASC supports you as consultant in the following areas:

Automated testing/ Process automation
Test case development
Automated test case verification
Reporting and defect management
Test strategy

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