Why INTACT®? For Process Optimization!

Working with INTACT® helps you reduce time and risk so you can spend more time on product optimization to get it to the market sooner. With the touch of a button, complex end-to-end testing scenarios are run, results become available, and test case data is sent to our reporting service.

Kreislauf: Anforderung - Design - Entwicklung - Integration - Test - Betrieb

INTACT® Supports Testers

Testing, as a crucial phase in the product development life cycle, receives support through our tool and is not the last step in the development life cycle.

Kreislauf: Anforderung - Design - Entwicklung - Integration - Test - Betrieb

Best Practices of Fully-Automated Testing

Concentrate on your customers and let us worry about the testing.

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System Under Test

QiTASC offers services and products for end-to-end test automation that excel in testing complex IT solutions with many interfaces. With INTACT®, we provide testing services and a tool for network operators, MVNE/MVNOs, service providers, integrators and suppliers.

Test Cases

Our service portfolio covers the entire testing life cycle – from test environment setup, test case preparation, and test data provisioning to test case execution and verification. It also covers reporting and fault management, supported by INTACT®.

Test Setup

Our All-in product - the INTACT® Server – is able to execute up to 150 automated test cases in 8 hours. The INTACT® Remote Server is an enhancement of our INTACT® Server, connecting it online to mobile.
This allows full control of all remote mobile phones even on several different remote sites, which is ideal for testing across multiple remote locations or networks.

Mobile Devices

Phones may be connected to INTACT® directly or remotely, and can be controlled through an app. Shuffling SIMs becomes obsolete through an integrated SIM Array. A GUI automation unit allows easy integration of mobile devices into your BSS environment and automation of all web-based GUIs.

Call Detail Record

INTACT® fetches call detail records (CDRs), event data records (EDRs) and logs from relevant systems and runs online verifications of several hundred parameters within a few seconds, thereby quickly confirming whether your billing and charging processes work correctly.

Automated Verification

The INTACT® Verifier has been developed to verify test cases resulting in several different CDR types created across different network elements and domains. It checks proper logging of CDRs and EDRs as well as correct rating for each call.

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