Business Partnering

Business Partnering

Be a valuable Business Partner to our international team. Prepare yourself with the required knowledge, resell our all-in test automation tool INTACT®, train new customers and benefit from our support.

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Modes of Partnering

There are many ways to partner with QiTASC: As a corporate license reseller, in project delivery or in training. As a Business Partner, your focus ison local market projects in sectors including banking and insurance, IT, Telco and E-Commerce.

Be an INTACT® Reseller

Resell an INTACT® Wholesale/Corporate License.

Create an INTACT® Project Delivery.

Sell INTACT® Training.

License Reselling

QiTASC provides an INTACT® license for you as a Partner. Be responsible for Sales and Marketing, while the QiTASC Training Team takes care of Training.

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Corporate License

A corporate license consists of at least 20 INTACT® licenses sold to a single customer. In addition to the corporate license, a support team assists with services on the customer’s projects and training.

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Project Delivery

QiTASC provides INTACT® Licenses and training for you as a Partner and for the support team. You are responsible for managed testing services.

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Training, Consulting and License Reselling

QiTASC provides INTACT® License and training for you as a partner and for the support team. You are responsible for training, consulting and license reselling, with a focus on local market projects.

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