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Our core product, the INTACT® Server, enables testing real and simulated mobile & VoiP devices as well as web & mobile applications. The INTACT® Server integrates seamlessly with other QiTASC products, including INTACT® Studio, INTACT® Client for command line project execution and continuous integration, the ConQlude Reporting Service and more.

The INTACT® Server

The INTACT® Server's features enable parallel test execution, sophisticated scheduling and interaction with different devices both locally and remotely to help you detect bugs and get your product to the market faster than with other automation tools.

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INTACT® Studio

Write, manage and execute projects from our IDE, INTACT® Studio, which is based upon the IntelliJ platform. Simplify your work with features like auto-completion, rename refactoring, and view devices' screens in real time as you test them!

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INTACT® Client

Our command line interface, INTACT® Client, enables testing in continuous integration environments such as Jenkins and Team City. INTACT® Client also supports executing complex test suites via XML configuration.

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INTACT® Verification

INTACT® Verification is able to verify several hundred parameters that affect charging within a few seconds. Verify phone & subscriber details, call & event details, internal infrastructure, legal requirements & financial characteristics.

When you order our Verification software, we ensure that your project synchronizes with our software and support you with developing your tests.

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ConQlude Reporting

ConQlude is an interface that is used for collecting, managing and exporting INTACT® test case project data. It is also used for bug and error tracking and integrates with most external test management systems.

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