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Our Product, INTACT®

INTACT® is a test automation tool used for end-to-end testing of real devices and web/mobile applications. It also includes a reporting tool, bug tracking and an automated verification service.

Why Choose INTACT®? To optimize your product!

INTACT® finishes your testing faster, by executing many more test cases per hour than in manual testing. Additionally, test cases can be scheduled to run at any time of the day, meaning testing can continue outside of workings hours. Reusable test cases and components can easily be used in multiple scenarios, reducing errors and the need for repetition. Our training, documentation and technical support ensures that customers are able to learn to use INTACT® quickly and find quick, practical solutions to any technical problems.


Streamline and optimize the Software Development Life Cycle and make your product ready for the market earlier.

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Examples in Practice

Explore a few of the endless possible applications with INTACT®. Watch our test automation tool in action.


Feature Overview

The built-in features of INTACT® make your product faster, more efficient and optimize its workflow.


Product Packages

Licenses and trainings for testing with INTACT® combined in individual packages.

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Managed Services

We either train your team in test automation or execute your fully-automated telephony, interfaces, network, accounting, billing and charging testing processes.

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Business Partnership

We are always looking for new partners in reselling, wholesale, project delivery or training. Be part of QiTASC and represent our all-in test automation tool INTACT® in your local market.

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